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Why do we oppose reservations ?  What are others saying ?

Mr Harish Salve, Senior Advocate argued before the Supreme Court “there is nothing in the law to show that it was a genuine measure for the advancement of socially and educationally backward classes. There are now 253 communities in the OBC lists. You [government] go on adding the list as you don’t want to lose political support even from any community. As the constitutional court, the apex court has onerous duty to guard the society drifting from social engineering to social reparation"

Mr. Salve quoted from the debates of the Constituent Assembly to show that the provision of reservation was intended only as a temporary measure and the backwardness contemplated was extreme backwardness and not the one contemplated now.

He said “what is intended as a measure of social engineering has now become a measure of reparation.”

Appearing for one of the petitioners, Mr. Salve had earlier argued that, “Don’t divide students on caste lines. It will have a bad effect on young minds. Further, perpetuation of caste system will create entrenched rights which in turn will create pressure or opinion groups in society.”

He said creation of vested interests would be against the constitutional goal of equality. He said reservation as a measure was intended only as a bridge to shorten the gap and it could not be continued in perpetuity. He said, “They [quotas] are not crutches to create permanent disabilities. Once a community reaches progress that community should be excluded from reservation. What is intended as a measure of social engineering has now become a problem of vested interest

Creates deliberate discrimination

Plays politics

Sows the seeds of enmity

Divides society, people and the Nation

…that the U.S. was graduating 222,335 engineers, vs. 215,000 from India. The closest comparable number reported by China is 644,106, but it includes additional majors. Looking strictly at four-year degrees and without considering accreditation or quality, the U.S. graduated 137,437 engineers, vs. 112,000 from India. China reported 351,537 under a broader category. All of these numbers include information technology and related majors.

What are others saying ?

More On the Job Reservation Policy Front India has successfully used democracy to reinforce feudalistic casteism. I think Andre Betelle has written about this paradoxical phenomenon. Reservation, more than anything else, has become a tool for caste-based vote bank politics. With liberalization and privatization, I thought, the caste system was rapidly becoming irrelevant. The politicians will have none of it and want to extend the reservation system to the private sector. In my opinion, you never underestimate the indian politician’s ability to screw India. So, within a few years, expect reservations in the private sector. Politicians will be outdoing one another by raising the quotas. A new bureacracy will be created to ensure that private sector complies with the reservations. That is, more government meddling, while the industry is demanding less regulations.

Caste and Reservation

This problem needs to be confronted rationally. Those lower in castes, today, are in that state, ie a state of lower intellectual ability, due to them being prevented from competing with the high caste. We are perpetuating this state, ie of still preventing any sort of competition, by reserving for them what they would have got by competing, without competition(remember, in Mahabharat, Karna joined the enemy force forgetting his family to express his gratitude for permitting him, one lower in caste, to take part in a competition).
To put briefly, no caste is cent percent forward or backward. Forward caste can be considered as the one with more than 99 percent of population possessing above average abilities and backward as the one with more than 99 percent having below average abilities. Reservation, by affording greater competition, elevates those below average, among upper caste, to above average level, while, relegating even those few who does not happen to be below average to below average status by removing all competition.
…………This is not a new finding. Reservation was adopted by congress as the method of uplifting those downtrodden leading to constitutional safeguards which we keep extending ad infinitum. This decision,even though not ‘well thought about’, was widely accepted among the then congress leaders, ie progressives like Nehru, as a via media compared to Mahatma’s suggestions, especially that leading to each caste Hindu adopting one Harijan, reinforcing such adoption by having marital alliance between that Harijan and the caste Hindu. Hence this was accepted without much thought, especially about it’s disadvantages. This needs serious consideration.



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